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The commitment of Mestex Shipmanagement to the use of innovate software solutions has led the organisation to fully embrace the digital revolution. By digitalising processes with Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM), we can optimise processes, leading to cost efficient ship management services and a closer control of assets for our partners.

Driving digital transformation

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services to our clients and partners, and we understand that effective fleet management is a crucial aspect of delivering on that promise. That’s why we have implemented Cloud Fleet Manager by Lloyd’s Register as our management solution. With its advanced features, we can monitor and manage our fleet in real-time, ensuring that our vessels are always operating at peak performance. The software has allowed us to streamline our workflows and reduce operational costs, while also improving safety and compliance. Our team now has access to all the data and insights needed to make informed decisions that benefit our partners, from fuel consumption and voyage planning to maintenance and crew management. By leveraging Cloud Fleet Manager, we are able to offer our partners more efficient and cost-effective services, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety

Online Portal for 24/7 optimise operations

Using CFM Partner Portal and CFM Crew Portal, we can provide our clients, crews and management teams with transparent real-time communications.
CFM Partner Portal is a platform that allows clients to access a wide range of information related to the management of their individual vessels. This includes access to the planned maintenance system, procurement management system, QSHE documents, accounts with financial overview and technical files and drawings. Clients may also access current operations, crew lists, full details on each crew member, planned crew changes, our web-based vessel tracking system, and vessel specific documents and certificates. We stay always connected to our seafarers with the dedicated CFM Crew Portal. This enables them to view their next planned assignment, check their real-time compliance status and identify any missing certificates or trainings, even during leave. It also gives crew access to company circulars, news and other information to keep them fully updated.
We are committed to delivering quality, transparent services to all clients at all times.

The Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) Portal will provide comprehensive and customizable real time 24/7 fleet monitoring for all type of vessels, with features such as (amongst others):

Vessel performance 

› Route optimisation

› Speed optimisation

› Fuel consumption optimisation

› Hull & propeller monitoring

› Energy management

› Trim optimisation

› Emission compliance monitoring

› Vessel Data Recorder (VDR)

› Preventative maintenance

Commercial Optimisation 

› Charter Party compliance

› Claims mitigation

› Real time TCE evaluation

› Port congestion and closure warning

› Demurrage assistance

› Competition monitoring

› Stoppages and off-hire monitoring for charterers

› Round trip voyage calculations

Assets preservation

› Safety monitoring

› Security monitoring

› Hazardous event monitoring

› Preventative maintenance

› Sensor based data collection

› Zone based monitoring for war risk

› Digital logbook

› Performance investigation assistance