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since 2001

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Technical Management of all type of vessels
More than 20 years of expertise providing quality and economical technical services to our partners; services which not only aim to add value to our clients’ assets, but also contribute to the competitive advantage of our clients’ operations. Our technical performance places Mestex’s managed fleet amongst the preferred choices of Charterers and Oil Majors.
New Building Supervision / Services
For over 15 years we have supervised the building of more than 20 vessels, of various types, at leading shipyards around the world. Our clients benefit not only from Mestex Shipmanagement’s vast experience with new building projects, but also from our in-house knowledge and expertise regarding implementation of new technical, commercial and fuel efficiency designs.
Commercial Services
Mestex Shipmanagement employs a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive commercial, financial and technical expertise and experience in the safe, efficient and profitable management of all types of tonnage. The Operations departments works closely with ship commands, charterers, brokers, pool operators, port agents and bunker suppliers to ensure efficiency is maintained throughout all operations.
Crew Management and Training
Mestex Shipmanagement maintains its own crewing offices in several countries worldwide and training centers. By sharing the same cultural background with our seafarers at local offices, we benefit from high retention rates amongst our loyal crewing pool. Additional professional crewing agents also contribute to providing a quality service with qualified seagoing personnel.
Digitalisation and Performance Optimisation
The commitment of Mestex Shipmanagement to the development of new solutions and continuous improvement has lead the organisation to fully embrace the digital revolution. Exclusive partnerships with blue-chip technological companies enables Mestex to leverage an invaluable expertise to optimise our operations worldwide. This translates into more cost-efficient shipmanagement services that grant our partner’s closer control of their assets in real-time.
Insurance and Claims
Mestex Shipmanagement is one of the very few maritime service providers in the world that has a dedicated Insurance and Claims Department of which the primary objective is to add value to the overall management services that Mestex provides to its clients. With a large dedicated team of professionals with proven relevant seagoing and shore expertise, Mestex fully recognises your needs, delivering an optimal service and playing a proactive role in handling such matters.

Mestex Shipmanagement is an international organisation with big experience as ship management and maritime services providers within the shipping industry.

With a long-standing tradition and a modern management, the company forms a trustworthy and reliable partner in the shipping industry. We run our business on teamwork, trust and safety.

Due to competent and professional teams on board our vessels as well as our team on shore, we ensure optimal technical operating conditions and an efficient commercial management for our fleet.

We consider our crews and officers as our greatest assets. We are proud of our crews and the excellent records of operational reliability and the successful cooperation. In the sometimes tough shipping world reliability and efficiency are the keys for success.

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